Superstitions: Controlling One's Luck in Bingo

Bingo players, especially the traditional and more mature ones, believe in certain superstitions that can help them win. It is a known fact that winning at bingo is mostly luck, and having a grasp on one's luck is a sure win.

Superstitious bingo players know for a fact that there is no telling when and how they can win but luck and luck alone can determine their fate in this universal game. There are rituals, norms and other practices that bingo players do in order for luck to stay on their side.

There are players who rely on certain rituals before playing the game. Some would walk around their chair three times before sitting down. Other players would do the same ritual every game in order to keep their luck strong throughout the game.

With regards to superstitions, most bingo players would have their lucky seats where they always sit on every game. There's always the lucky shirt, pajama, underwear, socks, shoes, hat and so on. The list is endless when it comes to lucky items that bingo players keep. Other players would use their lucky nicknames in hopes of winning it big on bingo. There are also bingo player who believe in lucky numbers. Usually players believe that the number thirteen is unlucky and it poses as a bad omen when a game starts with it. Number seven or lucky seven is the favorite number as the number's description implies.

Then there's the lucky charm that most bingo and even non-bingo players keep. There are players who use their family or pets' pictures as lucky charms. Some have rabbit's foot, teddy bears, dolls, cigars, birthstones and others. The list goes on and on for lucky charms.

Even online bingo players have their own set of superstitious beliefs and practices. Some players would even go as far as asking an online bingo caller to give them a specific ball. However weird and somehow crazy as it seems, but some players would do anything to keep their luck.

The question now is do these superstitions work? No one really knows how or why they work for some bingo players. It is a question that defies logic and reason, and even scientific explanations cannot prove anything about luck. For players who have experienced it first-hand, luck may be on their side all the time. No one really knows. Only the player himself can determine if superstitious beliefs and practices really work for him or not.