Considering Other Alternatives for Bingo

An electronic bingo machine allows you to monitor more cards that seem humanely impossible. However, electronic bingo is not the best alternative for individuals. Before you get rid of those paper cards, there are some basic things you need to know about electronic bingo. Handheld Bingo Devices

The game of bingo, like everything else, has been greatly influenced by the computers. During the last few years, many bingo fans have been getting rid of their paper cards. Instead, they have switched into playing handheld, mobile electronic bingo equipments which provides them an opportunity to play several cards simultaneously with little effort. Many players find it convenient to play twice or thrice as much as they can normally play. The advantage of these devices is that they can track or monitor the player's cards so that they will not overlook a bingo, even with so many cards. Consequently, new players will find no hassles in tracking their cards like the experienced players. Likewise, initial use of handheld devices may provide enjoyment to players who are physically disabled.

While sitting at the table, players can simply listen for the caller to announce the next number, input the matching key on the machine. The computer electronically scans the bingo cards of the player to find out if the player has the called number. If any of the cards has a bingo, the player may opt to notify the caller by shouting "bingo," and then flaunt the winning card.

Most jurisdictions have limitations. This is due to the fact that owners of bingo halls are worried that traditional card players will no longer flock to the halls if the players with the devices always win.

Video Bingo Machines

The video bingo machine is another advanced form of bingo. It is like an individual video poker or video slot machine. Though not common within the United States, video bingo can provide enjoyment and a creative way for people to wile away time while awaiting the start of traditional bingo games.

Sometimes, Video bingo machines are connected to other machines in another location. An example of which is Evergreen. The objective is to find four corners on an electronic bingo card chosen by the player (cards can be replaced before the start of each round). The computer randomly selects and displays on screen balls from B-1 to O-75. Players whose card matches the number are given three seconds to press the "Daub" button.

The pot is divided when more than two players obtain the four corners simultaneously. A player is entitled to a large increasing jackpot if he obtains the four corners within the first four balls.

Bingo players in search for ways to add flavor to the traditional game have an option with electronic bingo. Their choice of technology depends on how they want to improve the game.