Bridal Shower Bingo

Participating as a guest in a bridal shower is truly a fun experience. For the bride herself, the excitement of having her dear female friends and relatives around to celebrate her last days of being single is quite a memory to keep. But how can these separate groups of ladies enjoy the occasion without being too awkward and shy? Well, there's always food and drinks, music and gift-giving. But one of the most exciting things in bridal showers are the games; may it be a weird or out-dated collection of games, some of them would definitely come in handy as icebreakers.

Choosing the right game is important. Remember that these ladies come from different age groups and may have some qualms about some things that the other age group may like or dislike and vice versa. One of the best games ever invented is Bingo. Yes, there are bingo games especially equipped for certain occasions like a bridal shower. Keeping in mind that bingo is a universal game which has been tried and tested over the years as one of the best recreational and fun games of our time.

To play Bridal Shower Bingo, the host should make a list of words for every bingo card which relates to the bride, weddings, love and romance, or wedding gifts. Each card should have grids of squares which contain the word or phrase in every square, and the center square should be FREE. This can be done by using a desktop publisher from your pc. If you do not have the time to prepare a customized set of bingo cards, you may print them from the internet. The word selection sheets should be cut and tossed into a box or a basket prior setting up the game.

Distribute the cards to the ladies, one each or one for two guests. This will surely break the ice. Make sure to mix and match when you're pairing up the lady guests in order to really break the ice. The hostess will act as the caller. The word sheets will be pulled out from the box/basket and will be called out. The first player to complete the marked-off word lines, she should shout out Bingo in order to get her prize.

To pump up the volume of the game, make sure to have some fun music as background. Put up some dance or party music in order to set up the mood. This is one sure way to break the ice and get the party starting.